October 2nd is the Feast of the Guardian Angels


October 2nd is the Feast of the Guardian Angels


I believe in the Angelic realm, Archangels and Guardian Angels. Guardian Angels are here with humanity to serve each of us with support and guidance throughout ones’ entire lifetime. It is only after one accepts – allows your guardian angel into your life; awareness, that they may assist us. This is because we each have the free will to say, “No, I don’t believe in you.”  With that your angel will stand with you, but not interact with you, per your choice.

We may understand them through our intuitive insights, feelings, dreams, or synchronicity. Guardian angels are always in support of humanity and want us to enjoy happiness and a fulfilled life. They want us to accomplish the goals we set for ourselves this lifetime, before we were born.

In 1993, 69% of American’s polled said they believe in angels. The Angelic realm reminds us, “…that you are not alone. Creator God is one with you,”  that we (humanity) are of Divine heritage; and Guardian Angels assist us in having a conscious relationship to Creator God.

An open heart and the intention to connect with one’s Guardian Angel is all that is needed to create a lifelong relationship with them. May you follow your heart to the assistance and blessings that they may bring you.





Prayer Circle begins Sept. 10, 2018 7:30 pm CST

The Prayer Circle Intention: Taking time to unite with God, together with others of like minds, Spirit and intentions; together co-creating blessings and healing for humanity and the earth through prayer.


Welcome Conscious Souls, 

Thank you for your interest in the Prayer Circle.  Here are the details:

We will gather via a conference call once a week, at 7:30 pm CST on Monday evenings, for approximately half an hour. Beginning on Sept.10, 2018.

Prayer Circle call protocol:

Beginning on September 10, 2018

Day: Monday

Frequency: Weekly

Time: 7:30 pm CST

Phone: Conference Call: 515-604-9000    (Depending on your phone plan, the call may be .01 cent a minute.)

Access Code: 488506

You will be asked to give your first name, announcing that you are on the call.

Everyone will have an opportunity to share a short invocation/prayer. Your prayers may be spontaneous or read: for world events, the environment, the United States; our hearts will lead us in this.

I am part of a prayer group using a similar protocol and we are having profound and often swift results with our prayers. This is a non-denominational Prayer Circle. Your name for God-Creator- Jesus—Yahweh–Source—Universal Consciousness–The Divine and Shiva are all acceptable. 

Regular participation on the calls is optimal. Of course there are times when one can’t make the call, but commitment builds the groups’ dynamics. I am certain we will develop a genuine bond as we work together in this endeavor.

If you would like to participate and or have questions, please email me: elizabeth.romo@ahavenforangels.com.  I am looking forward to our journey together beginning in September.

As the Prayer Circle grows, an additional day and time will be offered.

Thank you so much for your support in sharing the gift of you.

With thanks and blessings for you.







Invited to join our Prayer Circle

Prayer Circle

  “Prayer fulfills the need humans have for God, for inspiration, for affirmation of our own spirits. In prayer, we communicate with the essence of everything that exits, including our own essence.”   Don Miguel Ruiz


I have wanted to create a Prayer Circle for many years. Most people pray privately, unless they are in a place of worship; so I put the idea away. 

The past three years our society and world events have become so cruel, traumatic and common place that I know now is the time to begin a Prayer Circle. 

I consider prayer a conversation between God/Creator Source and ourselves. A two way conversation. It is sacred, intentional and personal. Yes we request support, guidance and healing for ourselves and those we know and love.  It is also important to pray/send blessings of healing to all who live upon our earth, those experiencing trials that are man-made and from natural disasters. Prayers for humane leadership are needed as well. 

Group prayer is powerful in the unity that is created in a group, intentionally sending our light/energy/healing prayers in support of one another and societal-world needs. It is this benevolent and sacred union with God/Source that as a group our intentions/prayers are amplified, for the greater good of those we pray for. Prayer group participation enhances and supports one’s spiritual growth. May we send the love and compassion that we each have, intentionally sharing ourselves with the world. 

The Prayer Circle Intention: Taking time to unite with God, together with others of like minds, Spirit and intentions; together co-creating blessings and healings for humanity and the earth through prayer. There is no fee for this.

 We would gather via the telephone once a week, at a set time, for approximately half an hour. If you would like to know more about or participate in the Prayer Circle, please email me your name, weekday(s) and evening and or early morning times(s) that are convenient for your participation. I will email you the details; forming now in August.  (elizabeth.romo@ahavenforangels.com) 

“…Prayer is the concerted effort of the physical consciousness to become attuned to the consciousness of the Creator.”       Edgar Cayce

 With thanks for you.



Toning: A Tool for Life


I am asked frequently for tools to help us, “… release feelings of sadness, fear or distress.”  The oldest, quickest, simplest and cost free technique is Toning.

Toning works with the vibrations of one’s voice by making long, sustained vowel sounds; or consonant sounds or a combination of both. The vibrations that these sounds create internally affect our physical bodies and aid in balancing our chakras/energy centers, which promote our physical healing. Chants, songs and whistling are considered toning, as well. Toning aids in expressing and releasing feelings and sometimes thoughts deep within us.

To Tone, give yourself private time and space to do this in.  Set the intention that you gratefully release anything that no longer serves your highest and best. Ask Creator for and accept healing energy to your body, mind and Spirit. You may take as much time as you feel you need.

One method is: With intention breathe in, and on the exhale, opening your mouth and allowing whatever sound / tone your body creates to be released / sounded. You are releasing vibrations that you have held on to unconsciously and or stuck. You are now releasing, “that which no longer serves you.” As you release Tone for as long as you feel the need to. Your process is unique to you.

  • The more often you Tone the more natural it will feel to you and the deeper your breathing will become. With Toning, no matter what form you choose, your lungs will develop and allow more oxygen into them. More oxygen into your bloodstream brings healthier blood and promotes anti-aging throughout your body.
  • Second method: Begin by Toning each vowel sound, one at a time. Do this loud enough so that you hear yourself. As you do this you may find that one particular vowel sound is all you feel the need to sound. Work with that particular vowel sound; that chakra is out of balance.  (see chart below)
  • Anytime that you feel out of sorts, fearful, depressed, you may Tone either AUM, or AH, or UU, or the individual vowels.  Do this as long and as loud as needed. You will simply stop when you feel you are in greater harmony; there is no thinking about it.
  • Working with this tool, you will experience the quick calming effects it creates, and will tone more and more often. You may also begin to notice that you are able to hold a tone longer and longer; your lungs are holding more oxygen and you are breathing more deeply.
  • As you complete this process, you may choose to give thanks to Creator and your body for all that you Are.

I have used Toning for so many years, that I automatically use it when my mind keeps  running negative thoughts, or feelings. The healing and calm that Toning brings to me is fast and consistent. Then with clarity, I take responsibility of these thoughts, feelings and or beliefs, and choose how to perceive, change or release them. It is always one’s choice.

May you gain support, strength and clarity with this tool.

With thanks for you and your bright Light.


Charka/Toning Chart

First Chakra: Location:Tail bone
Color: Red    Tone: E
Healing Property: Blood circulation
Second Chakra:  Location: Below Naval-Spleen
Characteristic: Creativity
Color:Orange             Tone: O
Healing Property: Muscles/emotional balance/reproduction
Third Chakra:   Location:Solar Plexus
Characteristic: Inspiration
Color:Yellow    Tone:A
Healing Properties: Wisdom, digestion,                                                                                      headaches/adrenal gland
Fourth Chakra:  Location: Heart
Characteristic: Love
Color:Green    Tone:  AH
Healing Property: Heart /lungs /ulcers/ circulation
Fifth Chakra:   Location: Throat
Characteristic: Speaking Truth
Color: Blue  Tone:  UU
Healing Property:Throat/lungs/thyroid
Sixth Chakra:   Location:Third Eye
Color: Indigo Tone: MM
Healing Property: Purifier/sinuses
Seventh Chakra:   Location: Crown
Characteristic:Christ Consciousness
Color: Violet    Tone: EE

Healing Properties: Calming nerves/ insomnia/skeletal issues


Eight Chakra:   Location:Soul Star ( above head)
Characteristic: Linking us to Our Soul
Tone: AUM
Healing Property:Your Light Body


Faith and Trust

Faith and Trust

What is faith?  Merriam Webster defines faith as: firm belief in something for which there is no proof; without question.

One’s faith in God/Creator Source is tested when trials, disappointments and tragedies happen in our lives. The questions of, “Why is this happening to me? What have I done to deserve this?” are often part of ones’ inner dialogue.

Strong spiritual faith is knowing, that somehow you will get through the situation and learn and become spiritually stronger and wiser from it all; that there is a positive aspect to the entire event possible for you to achieve. Often more than just yourself will learn and develop positively from the experience(s). The potential growth is in living through the challenging situation with this knowing. Faith- (Inner strength,) being non-judgmental, discernment and patience are needed.  So is trust.

Trust is defined as: assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something; one in which confidence is placed.

With faith, (no matter how much or little one has,) is trust. Trust in matters of Faith say, “I know, (in my heart; not always in my head) that I am able to persevere and make it through all that this situations presents to me. I will overcome this. (I might not look pretty or feel good, but I will be able to cope/handle and learn from this.)

Trust is the energetic glue that supports the many aspects of ones’ spiritual strength. You are trusting in your oneness with God/Creator, in your soul’s wisdom to bring you this challenging experience, and your human will that you are making the best choices for yourself (and others) in this trial.

Meditation, prayers, quiet alone time, art and dancing are all tools to help one through these times. Seeing yourself sitting with God/Creator, accepting oneness with the Divine; asking for clarity in understanding the lessons in the situation, potential for growth. Allowing oneself to listen and understand your intuitive messages that come to you. Taking one day at a time, as best you can is all that is asked of us. Remembering to be thankful for all that is experienced; All that you experience.

Faith and trust go together. Faith in yourself is required. Faith is the ladder and trust is the bridge that gets us to greater and greater spiritual truths and development of our souls. We grow through all of our life’s experiences.

Wishing you a summer filled with happiness, sunshine, and peace.

Sending you Love and Light,




Peace Inside and Out

Peace Inside and Out


I am part of a small group of individuals who pray together regularly and I make prayer and conscious connection to God part of my daily life; every day—sometimes more than once a day. Whether it is setting aside an hour or just ten minutes; it is a choice to focus deep inside oneself, connecting to one’s soul that knows our oneness with God/Creator Source, and choose to be still with the Divine.

You may choose to “be One” with God/ Creator Source through prayer, meditation and with intentional thoughts.

As you deepen your commitment to these often silent modalities you find yourself more and more at peace with yourself. Recognizing that all in your world is not balanced, and in fact, is out of your control most of the time; you are better able to cope with and see the bigger picture of your life and how we each interconnect in each other’s’ lives.

This greater connection to our soul supports us in becoming more peace filled and compassionate to ourselves and others. As all of life is intimately connected, the more we each are able to positively connect with one another, bringing peace into our daily activities and relationships, we are supporting others through our acts of selflessness.

Through intentional prayers for others, world climate, political affairs, human rights; we may intend and bring peace, love and unconditional love to all life on earth. One’s prayers and intentions have a real effect on the whole of life on earth. We create Peace on Earth one act at a time, one day at a time. We have that gift. There are no greater gifts that one may give.

We are each the Light of God, Creator Source. Some individuals have forgotten this and need compassion and understanding from us to recognize their Light.  May you have the spiritual strength to Be the Light that you truly are, and share it with others for their opportunity for growth.

Sending you blessings of Light and Love,



Silent Action

I received a call from a good friend of mine, I will call her Alice. Alice was distraught over what had just occurred at her last family gathering a few days prior.  Alice said, “…the party was so great; family and a few close friends together, everyone catching up with one another; shared happiness. All that you could want a family gathering to be.”

As the afternoon went on, two siblings, (much older and could have used more restraint),  began to banter with one other, their voices getting louder, their language getting rougher and finally, words and feelings of hostility and tension filled the room. One of their parents came and stopped the wrangling from escalating any further. The bonding and gaiety of the afternoon had been broken.

As a result of the altercation the host said, “… and I don’t want to have them, (feuding family members) to my home ever again!”  Alice and several others decided to leave shortly after this.

This all shook Alice; what if the host really meant it; banning these two family members from future events? Family holidays and parties would not be the same again; and that would only create more division among the entire family.  “I feel so helpless, said Alice; I don’t know what to do.”

I felt for the entire family, I knew them, they are all good individuals. I was quiet for a minute, then Spirit guided me to say, “If you will, pray for your entire family, including yourself. Begin by sitting and envisioning all of your family standing together. Ask God Creator to come and be with all of you, bringing healing to each of you.”

“You may see a brilliant white light surrounding all of you. God’s brilliance/ light is glowing, there is healing, comfort and support for you all here. As this process continues, pray and send blessings to all, as a united unit. Ask for and give thanks for balance, compassion and peace to each of you. On a soul level you will each receive as much or little as you choose to. When you are finished your eyes will open; know that you assisted in a healing.”

Alice said she would do that. When I hung up the phone with Alice, I did the same. After the meditation, which lasted about one hour, I felt lighter and whole, not sad and unnerved as the conversation had left me. I know more focused meditations like this are needed for that family.

We took Silent Action using meditation, intentions, prayer and by sending blessings. No situation is hopeless as we always have a choice in what to do, think, say and how to Be. If you are able to send blessings and healing to others, the earth and humanity could use your support. Please give as you are able to.

With thanks for you and the Light that you are.