Do you remember how we were all preparing ourselves for the changes that were predicted for 12-12-12? We received new, celestial energy sent to earth from Creator for humanity’s Shift in Consciousness; our, “New Age.”
This new energy enriched so many of us to open – acknowledge ourselves as Spiritual Beings. Early results of this shift may be seen in the mass number of individuals who today are developing and using their given intuition, healing skills, psychic abilities and mediumship, to assist and support themselves and others.
As each of us develops our greater connection, becoming more unified with Creator Source. Our re-awakening and empowerment supports oneself to truly being a co-creator with God. That is our reason for living on earth at this time.Humanity has all of the tools, (meditation-prayer-the angelic realm, guides and Ascended Masters) assistance and support for this next step up in mankind’s history. It is time again to focus.
You may choose to make one of your priorities: what you are creating as your own daily, spiritual practice; connecting to your Divine Self/ High Self? The more one connects to your Divine Self and Creator, you create more of what happens in your life. We are the solution; our light-energy, love compassion and forgiveness heal ourselves and others. We may (create) bring ourselves more joy, love and forgiveness!  What you focus on, is what you receive more of.
Your spiritual practice is what you decide you need it to be. There is no wrong way to create your spiritual practice, so long as you take action.
Today, we are still receiving healing energy for all life upon the earth. Add to that Lightworkers and all those who meditate, pray and bless all life here on earth.
We are each an aspect of Creator Source. We may heal the planet and ourselves if we focus and do our work. The time is now.
2018 is a great year; (let’s focus on that, too!) We have the knowledge, tools and strength on all levels to grow and BE. Success is ours if we continue to trust ourselves; if needed, ask for spiritual help and you will receive it.
Blessings for all that you are.
With thanks for you.

What does it take to heal?

What does it take to heal loneliness?        Love

What does it take to heal depression?      Love

Today with all of the cellular phones, internet and electronic technology that exists and are used today, depression and loneliness are two of the greatest causes of adult stress and depression today.  How may we help and support the millions of individuals who are suffering from these conditions in their lives?

The intentions that we have in our hearts and minds; in sending these individuals love and healing compassion will aid them. As God has created us in Love—we are that love. We may share our love.  If you sit quietly in meditation and send love, blessings and compassion out through your heart center—-sending this to all souls that are lonely, depressed and or feel hopeless, you are aiding in their healing. Your loving actions and intentions are helping them and in turn uplift all of humanity.

Doing physical acts of kindness, calling on the elderly or people who you know are alone will support them greatly, as well. All acts of kindness will energetically uplift many.  Your humanity for others matters. We each make a difference. We have the ability to change our world into a more loving and peace filled home. Please take action now.

Peace to you.

Sacredness of Life

December 2017. I am grateful to be in the final month of this year that has brought so much adversity and loss to so many people.  Hurricanes, tornados, floods and mass killings; this year has been a year of challenges and change.

December is traditionally the month of celebrations; Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and New Year’s Eve. It is a time of faith and honoring the sacredness of life; renewing our connection to Source and all of Life.

This December many may require more time for quiet reflection; choosing to experience communion with our Divine Self, having gratitude for our own lives and those we love so dearly. This holiday season, reverence of life is our foundation, as we have experienced the frailty of life and understand how quickly life may be taken and or dramatically changed by unforeseen and uncontrollable events.

Celebrating the beauty of the season, may you experience peace and shared love to those you are with; whether they are your family, friends or strangers.

Wishing you and your family a peace filled Christmas, and a New Year filled with happiness, good health and prosperity.

With thanks for you.


With a Thankful Heart


As this year comes to a close I reflect on the many events that changed so many people’s lives this year.

From natural disasters : flooding in California, Hurricane Irma in Florida, Hurricane Harvey’s torrential rains in Texas, Western Wildfires, and Missouri and Arkansas flooding; the earthquakes in Mexico,  shootings in Chicago, Las Vegas, Nevada; Plano, Texas, to name a few . Lord, I am grateful for all of the support and charitable people who came to the aid of those who experienced these traumatic events. Bless those who experienced loss and those who helped them through their fear and grief.

Thank you Creator, for all that I have, as I  have not been tested with any of these tragedies. Thank you for my family, friends and home, as these all support and love me, I know. Help me to let those whom I love know this.

As this time of the year celebrates Christmas and many holidays, I appreciate the holiday —- the message of the season; peace on earth and goodwill to all people, that we need to share / live, the most. Lord, help me help others this day.





I AM life.

I AM in every breath you take.

I AM always one with you.

I AM always there with you.

I AM one with all that exists.

I AM in your unlimited possibilities.

I AM in your happiness and sorrows.

I AM in all you see, hear, sense and experience.

I AM and created you to live and co-create with me.

I AM one with you always; you decide how closely we live as one.

I AM in your sleep, bringing rest, comfort, healing and peace to you.

I AM the love that flows through you; you decide how much of that love you share with yourself and others.

I AM all that you are. I ask that you remember our oneness and consciously live our sacredness together.


Amen  Amen  Amen



We Are Here for a Purpose

We are Here for a Purpose


Why are we here? For what purpose are we here?

As a Spiritual Being, one with Creator, (God, Source, the name you call The Divine) and all of life, each of us are here to grow spiritually by the experiences that we live every day.  As a Spiritual Being it is our choice as to how we live = relate to each person— each situation in the day. It is to validate–love and fairness to each person you are with throughout the day. Minute by minute, person by person.

The second opportunity we each have today is to BE loving to yourself and one another. To Be love. It is the goal that we live each day with love, respect and compassion for ourselves and all of humanity; this includes animals and the earth, water, land, air that support us. This takes conscious awareness and consistency in your intentions daily.

If we stay present as to what is happening right now, and choose to be our Best, (patient, kind, compassionate, fair,) we will be doing our best. That is what is asked of us. To Be and do what is best for the betterment of all.





Bless Us

Oh Lord,

The earth and all who live here are part of your creation; part of your majesty, mystery and life. Each human being is part of your entirety; the plants, animals, insects, air, water and earth are all one with you. We are all connected and part of all of life. You are sacred; help us to open our hearts and know each human being as being sacred, too.

Lord, I ask for clarity and compassion for myself and any illusions I may have that anyone, including myself, is better than another. Send me healing so I may understand that I am equal to all others, and that together We create life on earth. That it is a choice to live peacefully together daily.

Lord, bless the souls of the individuals who were murdered yesterday by a gunman. Please bless all of us with compassion to stay in balance in our thoughts, actions and feelings this day. May we choose to love others and not accept fear or hatred of others when random acts of terrorism occur.

Thank you Lord for being one with me, and continue to bless me to see the best in others.